“Iccho” one of the cheapest Izakaya (Japanese restaurant) / Iidabashi / Tokyo

Iccho is one of the cheapest Izakaya (Japanese restaurant) in Tokyo.

Especially the alcohol has amazing prices.

Beer’s price is 170 Yen ( USD 1.5 ) !

Icho is just a five minutes walk from Iidabashi station which is close to both Shinjyuku and Tokyo stations. ( Around 15minutes by train. )

There are many kinds of Japanese food there.

Below is some recommendations.

Yakitori — grilled chiken

▼Edamame — green soybeans with salt

▼Age tofu — fried bean curd

It would be better for you to make a reservation.

Below link is the detail for the Izakaya.


Phone +81 3-5261-2750

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